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Hello guys, Happy Friday. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Friday in the beautiful weather. Today I am gonna share a website I stopped by lately. So basically what this website is about is a space where you can create a digital invitation for your wedding (I have been looking around and it’s only for weddings guys, sorry). You may ask me “Why is this so special, when you can create a Facebook event, and that’s all?”

Well, here comes the part that I like.

First you create your invitation and provide the website with names, date, time, address. And the basic invitation is created. Afterwards you add your pictures and design it, so it looks nice. There are so many extras in this invite that you create, and it sooooo makes sense for me. Let me explain why :)

RSPV – When your guest have received your invite, they can simply respond whether they are attending, how many are attending, what their name is etc. By that you have an idea of how many will attend your wedding. You can add the event to your google calendar, so you don’t have to do that manually.

Song Selection – as a guest you can add your wish for the playlist for the party :) I LOVE IT !! There is nothing I hate more than people going to the DJ and wishing this song and that song and blab la – by using this tool, you have your guests wish for their song.

Live Directions – guest can on the day, simple and easy get live directions to the venue, through google maps.{adselite}

Wedding gifts – You can create your personal wedding gift list, which can be provided with websites for the products, so you know that you will get exactly what you wished for. No more stupid wedding gifts that you will never use.

Guest Greetings – You all know that when attending a wedding, there is the guestbook, and you always say that you will write in it later, and later and later. At the end of the day, you actually never managed to write in it. An online guestbook make people write their greetings online as well :)

Shared wedding album – Everyone can add the pictures that they have been taking to the online shared wedding album. Of cause the album is only available for the people who have an invite. This is also a really cool feature that I like.

There are other planning tools on the website as well, but I really like the idea with the online wedding invitation/website. Even though we live in a digital world, I see this as a great tool for the digital user, and young people on our own age. The older generation might still want a paper card physically in their hands. And yes the printed cards are charming and beautiful. But digital is a good way to save some money guys.

Anyway, consider it for your next event, it’s easy to use, very exciting to create an play around with for the guest and it’s completely FREE :)



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Hi guys. I hope my first 2 blog posts were interesting for you to read.

The plan is that we will upload minimum 1 blogpost per week, but could be more than that, so stop by now and then, to be updated. 

I am currently sitting on the backseat of a 9 seater and driving through the amazing Switzerland. Guys I have been living in Europe for the last 30 years, and I spent more than 150 days outside the country. I been to Switzerland now and then, but damn ...... No words can describe how amazingly beautiful this country is.... If you haven't tried driving through the mountains in CH, that is definitely something you should write down on your list, for #PlacesINeedToVisit. We started out in Germany, and was driving through to get into Belgium. From there to Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Lichtenstein. I am traveling with my brother and my cousins. We had a tight but structured plan, and have been able to see so much in a very short time. Amazing week, so many nice locations around this area, definitely something I can recommend :) during this trip, snapchat has been frequently used by all of us, which is related to the subject I wanna talk about in this blogpost.

There are several ways to personalize your event on different social media channels. The most common one I have seen being used is hashtag. The hosts will request everyone who uploads pictures on Facebook, Instagram to hashtag their picture e.g. #XXwedsYY. By doing this it's easier for the hosts to see what has been uploaded. It's a really funny and easy way to collect memories.

Working with marketing, gives me the knowledge on trends and ideas that can be used. One of the recent ideas I have seen, and find very cool and interesting is snapchat.

Snapchat is all over, everyone uses snapchat to share what they are doing with their friends and family. Others use it as a marketing tool, for vlogging etc. I have recently discovered that snapchat allows you to buy a personal filter for your event. It will be temporary and restricted by a geofilter. It is very easy to create and a really exciting idea :) {adselite}

  • users can choose areas that are minimum of 20.000 square feet and maximum 5.000.000 square feet. Roughly that would be a few city blocks. The custom filters can be used from 1 hour to thirty days.
  • the filters starts at $5, which is the approximate Price for a 8 hour event. This money will place the filter on snapchat. The price will change according to the time and amount of space the filter covers.
  • users needs to design their filter and submit it through Snapchats online portal. Once the image is uploaded, the user can define the area that the filter has to cover. And then finally choose the time and date that they want the filter to be available.

When all these informations have been submitted, Snapchat has announced they will come back within 1 business day. Currently the custom filters are only available in UK, USA and Canada, but will be available in the rest of the world very soon.

I personally think this is amazing, it's cheap, fun and different from what everyone else does. When I as a host am done with the event, I will receive all snaps that has been uploaded with my filter. Definitely an idea I see people will use in the future.

If you guys have any question regarding this service, comment below, and I will answer you.


Until next time


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