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Hi guys, I hope you are all good and can keep the warm in these freezing times. I personally can't wait till spring, to see the flowers bloom, the small light green leaves on the trees and simply just enjoying the sun that's playing hide and seek these days. Even though the calendar might say it's spring, I definitely do not feel that way. I bought my first parka winter jacket last week, because I couldn't handle the cold. I love spring in Germany, the weather is warm, with light breeze and simply just nice. I can't wait to go for long walks, to sit and enjoy a drink with my friends outdoor and attend all the weddings and functions which are about to start. I personally have many important functions this year, not only did we get married, but both my best friend is getting married in the summer, and my husbands best friend is getting married this summer. I've got some other exciting news that i can't wait to share with you guys very soon. Anyways, looking really much forward to all the functions in this year. I can't wait to celebrate the love between two people. It is indeed something so wonderful and nice that I didn't realize it until I was a bride myself. And yepp, back to next chapter of our wedding journey. 

This chapter won't be that long, but contains tips and tricks to how to save some money by using Pinterest. As I have mentioned earlier, my husband and I was the once planning this wedding, taking all decisions and also paid for the wedding. We are old enough and both have a career, so we felt we wanted to pay ourselves (in that way we could also have exactly the wedding we wanted). In order to save money we used a lot of DYI methods wherever we could. Decorations, the wedding cake, gift bags, invitations and all the small gimmicks we had in our wedding. I am just going to go through a few of the things we did, in order to give some good ideas to have fun, have unique items and the best part: to save money. 

When it comes to decorations, we of cause hired a wedding decorater to do the manavarai both for the traditional wedding and for the reception. But on the tables we made our own decorations. I happen to have some amazing people in my family, who spent a lot of hours to paint 60 empty wine bottles in a gold color, made some amazing decorations to go into the wine bottles, and simply create a simple but yet elegant vintage styled centerpiece for all tables. It was Important for the catering companies to have numbers on tables which we also designed together with our creative agency, and some great great friends, who was helping out to put these centerpieces together. I am telling you guys, I am not saying this because it was my idea, but damn it looked nice. Exactly the way I wanted it. Simple, yet elegant and timeless. 

We also did some of all the other decorations around in the hall. The bar was decorated in black, silver and gold. The cake tables was all pink, rose and white. The candy bar was all in pastel colors, and basically I was very satisfied with everything. All the decoration items, I either made them myself, or ordered the items on Amazon or Etsy for a cheap price and assembled the stuff myself. Trust me guys, with Amazon and Pinterest you can come a very very long way. 

The wedding cake was a very big topic and important matter to me. I have always been the person who thinks the wedding cake is the most important thing at a wedding. This has always been my policy and my dad aswell. When my brother got married ten years ago, I was not in doubt that I wanted a 11 tier wedding cake. And I wanted it all to be real cake with fillings and decorations. And I got it :) As soon as I had to pay the wedding cake myself, and realized how expensive they are, I was really considering to not have a real wedding cake, but make a fake one in regiform like almost all other Tamil people. My brothers wife happens to be an absolutely amazing cook, and better than that an amazing dessert maker. She did all the desserts on the dessert table, mango mousse, panacotta, pavlova, meringue dipped in chocolates, mini muffins, brownies, carrot cake, red velvet cake, chocolate cake, cookies, cakepops and trust me the list goes on. She is an amazing wedding cake maker aswell, but I didn't wanted to put the pressure on her shoulder, since she had all the other desserts to prepare for 300 guests. So we decided not to have a real wedding cake. Both because there was more than enough desserts and because of the price and the work load she had already. I myself have started playing around with fondant cake and find it very easy to cover a real cake with fondant. A stupid decision was to make the wedding cake in regiform, the day before the wedding. All decorations for the wedding cake was done few days earlier, but this was the first time we did a regiform cake, and then for my wedding which was going to take place the day after. Since most stuff was going good and as planned, something had to go wrong. So the cake was really messed up. The technique simply didn't work. The fondant wouldn't hold on to the regiform. Somehow, after 10 trials and a lot of face timing with my Annai in Denmark, we managed to find a technique that worked. Unfortunately due to time. It didn't have the perfect finish, but for the 30 sec the cake was on the table, it worked fine. We saved at least 1500 euro by making a dummy cake. The bottom layer was real cake though. Again anni to the rescue :) 

These are just a few of the do it yourself things we did. But it worked out amazing, looked good, saved us money and the best part is definitely, that it was so personal.

I am so hooked with DIY so I am actually doing a lot of research, experimenting and succeeding with these projects. If you guys have any idea, but can't realize it, or simply don't have any idea, but want to do something different, do not hesitate to get in touch. I would love to help out and be a sparring partner. And guys, go check Pinterest...... seriously, pinterest saved my wedding !!! 

Soon I am going to start on the reviews on the vendors that we used, so stay tuned and come back again to see how our corporation with them was. 

Until next time

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Hallo Leute :)

Today is exactly a month since we got married and just now, I feel I am back to normal life again. You guys all know before the wedding, it's ALWAYS so freaking stressed..... we were planning EVERYTHING, like literally everything ourselves, so I was running around like a chicken without a head....... I will, in a later blogpost come back to this ........ I wanted to write the blogpost in a chronicle line, so even though the wedding is over, I still wanna go back and write another preparation blog, before I actually write about the wedding. But the good thing is, I am done writing all blogs, so they will continuesly come every week...... this is a promise I can keep !!! (And it rhymes)

So this weeks post, is about my India trip in connection with my wedding. So as you guys know my HUSBAND (not partner anymore :)) proposed to me during our last vacation in September, where we travelled India, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. When we were in Bali he proposed to me...... we came back home and discussed a lot whether we should have a big wedding, how we wanted to do it and what scale were we aiming for. When we decided we wanted to have a faily big wedding, we found the venue and there was less than 2 months left for the big day. We quickly made some research in Germany and London and looked at the different things we needed and quickly made a calculation that it was cheaper and easier to go to India to do our wedding shopping.....YES INDIA AGAIN !!! 

My husband was more than happy to let me go alone, he didn't like India from our trip back in September, so he was really happy that I was gonna take care of everything ..... we quickly decided it would be cheaper, easier and selection would be much better in India than in any European countries. I did feel a little odd about going to india myself, so I convinced my dad it would make sense for him to come as well and join me afterwards, and then stay until just before the wedding and get all the stuff that would go bad with time....... It was a very spontaneous decision and ticket prices were high, but to be managed...... I went there 2 weeks in December, the plan was I was going to stay for a week by myself and my dad would join me afterwards ....... when I arrived I imidiately felt home...... I mean, I have just been there and felt so home ...... There was a few ground rules I wanted to follow since I was alone: 

  • I decided to stay in one of the more  nice hotels, so I managed to book myself into a 5 star hotel in T-Nagar, so I would have easy acces to go everywhere from there..... The hotel staff and manager was really nice and protective to me ..... They knew I was alone and therefore they were just extra super nice to me. 
  • I already agreed with myself that I would never take the bus or the train and only go with share uber or share auto...... never alone with a uber driver....... not that it's not safe..... but it's just more safe to go with a shared uber.
  • I did not want to go to restaurants and eat alone...... if there was a bunch of guys in the restaurant, they could easily follow you and try to get in touch with you...... I had one really really bad experience and just decided not to walk and chill around alone, in order to avoid any extra attention ....... no matter how traditional I was trying to be, there was just too much attention around me. I was literally wearing simple boring chudithar. No makeup for two full weeks and trying to be pakka local :) I don't know what I did wrong !!!! Anyways I always bought take away and ate at the hotel. 
  • If people were trying to talk to me, simply ignore them. Some people understood but a lot didn't

Anyways traveling to india alone as a female, is definitely not something I can recommend. Unfortunately this was my situation and I did handle it well, because I sticked to my rules...... my uncle from UK also came to Chennai for other reasons so I knew I had him around the corner and I knew I had another cousin who would be next to me within short time in case I needed any help

So one of my issues was the Jetlag I would say. I didn't wake up until 11 every day, and therefore my day always started at 12....... the sun goes down pretty early in India so I was back at the hotel quite early as well. After 7 hours nonstop "work" your body is messed up, so it worked out ok. Staying in T-Nagar was also a super idea, because traveling costs and traveling time was nothing compared to if I stayed in other part of Chennai. 

The first few days I wanted to get inspiration. Inspiration to buy my wedding lengha, my bridesmaids Sarees and bridal jewellery. These were the things I wanted to have fixed before my dad came, so we afterwards could fix everything else. When it comes to lengha ...... I have been in more than 30 stores..... and I am not kidding...... I was soooooo unsure about what to chose. The thing is I was alone, so I didn't have anyone to tell me, if my selected items was ok or not...... it was all me and my own opinion..... so that was hard..... thank god i had my girls..... sent them pictures and asking for their advice ......... I managed to find my perfect lengha, although I was not satisfied with my shawl color, which was a mint green. My lengha was dark blue with gold stones, white crystals and gold heavy embrodogy. I managed to cut off the border from the mint shawl and add it to a coral pink colored shawl in stead........ I finally bought the lengha in a designer boutique called KAY. Their selection is absolutely stunning. It was quite expensive, but their selection was different from all other stores. More north Indian style and therefore quite different. 

My bridesmaid Sarees was the biggest headache. I am not even kidding. I was 100% sure I did not want a single color with gold border, because that's what you always see. So I was sure about that .... my biggest issue was that I needed 12 pieces ......and I was also very stubborn that I wanted all the pieces to be the same color...... there is no freaking store that has 12 sareees in same color. I was really really confused whether I was able to get 12 of the same Sarees...... I considered to go for 6x2 colors, but I was not satisfied....... finally I found a model, which didn't look that nice when it was just on the table. But when the salesman from Pothys help me wear it, I was not in doubt....... the saree was gray/silver with a cream colored border. Completely simple, but different..... and something I haven't seen before...... my own saree was cream colored so I knew it would match perfectly to my first look...... my younger brother and cousins was a good guide when it came to bridesmaid Sarees..... and we all agreed (on WhatsApp) that the gray saree would look good with mine. The budget was 3 times more than expected, but I am so happy and satisfied I chose that model. I bought extra blouse material in the cream color aswell so it would match the border.

Jewelleries, I have my own jewellery guy in Parrys Corner in Chennai, so I went to him. Unfortunately my fixed sales guy was not there, and the service I got from the others was not satisfying at all, so sadly I went out without buying anything...... for those of you who has been to Chennai, knows that Parrys Corner and Pondy Bazar, is the place to go for jewelleries. I found my first set in Paris Corner (because there are like 1000 stores there) and the extra bids and stuff that I needed, I was lucky to find in Pondy Bazar. 

Before my dad came I was able to buy my husbands Paddu veeti, for the thali tying. Everyone who knows their silk veeti, knows that Ramraj is the only right place to go. So that was done quickly.  A lot of other bids and pieces was also bought during that week......... so that when my dad came, it was more like, all the bulk shopping we had left. 

He came...... and the first thing we did was to go visit my dads friend in Coimbatore ...... we flew there early morning..... and stayed for 4 days...... we travelled to Kerala for a few days, stayed in a top tree hill bungalow (it's a huge bungalow in the top of the mountains with no connection to the rest of the world). It was just my dad, his friend, the driver and I. It was soooooo pleassent, nice and peaceful. Exactly what I needed. A timeout in all the running around in Chennai...... it was amazing..... India is soooooo absolutely beautiful when you get out of Chennai...... Kerala is stunning and just amazing..... I was so happy we did that...... 

We came back to Chennai, and I gotta say, my dad knows his Chennai...... we went to the most crazy places and the pakka local places ..... different places for different stuff..... we ended up ordering my flower garlands, just the once I wanted...... we ended up ordering sweets for all the gift bags to give to the guests, we designed and produced the tampulam bags. We designed the sweet boxes. We bought all the different things that went into the tampulam bags and it was perfect. Everything was done with our logo, which just made it all so perfect and the way we wanted, for a really really cheap price, since my dad knew his places.

My thaali was one I designed myself. I did not want a traditional kodi thali, and I didn't want a regular sankili thaali. My idea before I went to india was to get a Roségold chain thaali, with white gold and diamonds incorporated. A small but special and different thaali. First of all Roségold is definitely not something they work with in India ..... So they couldn't even get the material to make it. My second option was yellow and white gold combined. So when my husband and I was in Malaysia a couple of months back, I designed a chain there, that we both had in our mind for the thaali. So I wanted to use that as my thaali chain. The actual thaali is so different in india than in Sri Lanka. No one in India have a readymade thaali. And they don't use Amman and pillayar thaali like we srilankans do. Also they don't have the screw mukappu as we do in Sri Lanka ...... I quickly found out the thaali was a huge issue..... and i was not able to have it done in India, so thankfully we have our own cheddiyar Anna in Sri Lanka, and my dad fixed that part. My thaali chain is actually 3 different chains, twisted together. 2 yellow gold and a white gold. I wanted my actual thaali to be white gold, but chediyar anna told me, "thaali eppavum thangathila tharn seyyanum"..... but he agreed that it was ok to have Amman on a kompu thaali, which I wanted....... if anyone knows, it's the cheddiyar and the ayar himself. And our ayar was supporting me in getting a kompu thaali, and also explained the reason why....... my mukappu was done in the same design as my grand dads thaali, but in stead of pure gold, I added diamonds into it (yes I am a diamond girl :)) 

Anyways there as tons of stuff to be purchased, and you just don't go to a shop, look for something and buy the first thing you see. Nono, you walk around, check the stuff in 10 different stores before buying anything. It's just the way you do it....... 

My kuurai story is actually funny. My husband and i planned to exchange rings before moving in together back in 2016. Unfortunately his grandmother passed away a few days before so we postponed/cancelled that event and ended up exchanging rings at his sons birthday party, as a surprise to everyone. For the function in 2016, I actually went to London in a rush, to buy a kuurai saree. At that time, we were both very sure we didn't wanted to have a wedding, so if I should ever have anything close to a wedding it would be that, so I decided I wanted a kuurai. I bought the most nice and delicate saree from VA COLLECTION in London and had that in my plans, as my kuurai. That was always the plan. Also when I walked from store to store for 2 full weeks, I did not change my mind in order to get a new kuurai. At the very last day. 1 hour before I had to be in the airport, I was in Pothys, and I was like....... "you know what...... I am going to have one wedding in my life.....this is a one time opportunity" ..... my kuurai from London is alright, but I bought in a hurry because I didn't have time ...... i was not 100% satisfied with my London kuurai, so I went inside a store, 1 hours before I had to be in the airport. Quickly pulled down 4 red kuurai Sarees, chose 1, paid and left to the airport !!!!!!! Never, have I been so spontaneous when it comes to anything regarding the wedding, and then I ended up buying my kuurai saree in 7 minutes....... :) 

We went to the airport, my dad took the flight to SriLanka and I took the flight back to Germany. It all sounds so easy when I write it, but thinking back..... wow, it was crazy..... Now I am ready to do all wedding shopping, because I have learned so much in those 2 weeks, but it was hard...... literally waking up 7 in the morning, out of the door and back at 23...... that was our last 5 days in Chennai ...... crazy hectic !!!!! The culture, the stress, the people and their behavior ....... something you all have to be able to manage when shopping in India !!! It was 100% all worth it, and I got everything the way I wanted it, but it was DAMN HARD WORK !!!!

If you guys have any questions to stores or anything else regarding weddingshopping or shopping in general, in India, please do not hesitate to get in touch :) 


Until next time

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Hey guys 

Hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of our wedding story......Thank you so much for the positive feedback..... the aim with sharing our wedding, which we have decided to do, is to give an insight of how difficult it actually is..... and maybe to give the idea to other future couples, that there are many things to consider and think about when planning a wedding. It is not easy AT ALL ..... until recently I have been a brand manager for a big international brand, and have had the responsibility for all marketing activities in all Europe and Middle East....... but guys.... I am telling you.... that was nothing, compared to planning a Tamil Hindu wedding. I guess what I am trying to say is, that sharing can give other future couple an insight of the different fields, there is when planning a wedding. 

So here comes the next chapter ....... :) My next chapter is about planning and get organized ..... it's a chapter about my best friend....... since I got her (yes i call it, her) I spent time with her, more than I do with my future husband...... If i loose her, i don't think i am able to go through our big day ..... that's how important she is to me...... :) 

So the background for "my best friend" is, that I recently came across a Instagram profile and the girl behind this profile...... we imidiately clicked...... :) I have never met her in real life...... just writing each other and yea...... it's difficult to describe what it actually is...... I don't think I have had a online friend this way...... I have always had the policy that I don't need people in my life that I don't know personally...... but this girl is different..... she has changed the way I think...... and most important of all.... she introduced me to my best friend :) She is a Canadian girl,  she was bride in 2016 and had a BEAUTIFUL wedding..... many of you might have come cross her profile on Instagram ........ not only is she a beautiful human being, but she is also an author who released a book in November last year.... THAALI - a Tamil wedding planner ........ yaaaaiiii :) 

The wedding planners you get from the bookstore, or the online version in a app, is all targeted towards a "white" wedding..... our Hindu weddings are so different from a white wedding...... so buying a wedding planner is only 35-50% useful. Jani created a tailored Tamil version which literally makes you think of every single thing you need to consider for the wedding...... the book is divided into 6 different chapters and covers literally everything.....



The 6 different chapters are the following:

MAIN VENDORS consists of exactly what it says, all the main vendors that you should book as soon as your auspicious dates are picked. These are crucial vendors who fill up quick and need the most attention. This section demands the most research from you. Make sure to  read the "TIPS" section under each vendor and choose wisely, but swiftly or you'll miss out on the vendors you really want to take part in your wedding!

ATTIRE is where you organize wedding outfits. The brides manavarai saree and koorai saree, the grooms outfits, corresponding jewelry sets, reception outfits, bridal party outfits. Read the "TIPS" sections to find tricks on saving money and time and some traditional aspects to look out for while take care of this section. All the outfits you need to organize you will find a section for in Attire. 

DETAILS we get into the nitty gritty here, invitations , bridal dressing flowers (for hair), nadheswaram, priest, etc. All things important that need to be dealt with after you finish the MAIN VENDORS section. This section has the power to make or break your "Wedding of the Year" plans! All the details that need to be taken care of with utmost care in the planning process can be found right here in DETAILS. 

GET ORGANIZED is where a little piece of the authors organizational skills come out to play. This section has all the not so fun, but highly important parts. You can organize your outfits in the provided charts. Each outfit you will be wearing with the corresponding accessories so when you start packing before your shoots you wont forget any little details you wanted to wear for each outfit. You will also find a place to work on your itinerary for both the wedding and reception, and finally your thank you speech. Keep track of all the tips provided to make sure you don't miss out on any important details. 

EXTRAS is where you put your real decision making skills to the test. We figure out guest lists in this section, with up to 500 slots you can list everyone from the grooms side and the brides side or you can photocopy the pages to give each side their own list containing 500 slots. Choose your bridesmaids and your groomsmen,  and divide their duties. The ever so fun budgeting comes in extras. the author gives a lot of personal tips and tricks that worked for her when budgeting her own wedding. 

ME TIME is a special treat from Jani to her brides. Even for someone who loves to plan weddings, the whole process can be overwhelming at times.  You'll find cute quizzes, coloring pages, and activities to do to take your mind off wedding planning for a bit. Since Thaali is the ultimate wedding planner, why go elsewhere to ease your mind, skim to the back and have some time to yourself! No wedding planning thoughts just a bit of happiness for the brides, and some things to help reminisce about your relationship! 

Guys, you all know I have literally had 2 months to plan our wedding.....3 weeks left today :) ...... my partner and I have decided to arrange the wedding ...... with involvement from our families of cause..... but everything is arranged by us...... there are so many things to think about..... I am learning many new things every day, either though the wedding planner, or through my dad...... a Hindu wedding is so special and so unique, and the rituals and traditions behind everything is so fascinating ..... learning about all this is truly an experience..... our parents fully understand the fact that we want to arrange and plan our own wedding, which is great ...... the last weeks has been super hectic, and every night I dream about the wedding..... I am spending all my time with the planning...... it's really nice..... but hard !! 

THAALI for me has been a HUGE help getting everything organized and to keep the overview ...... THAALI is my best friend...... I have everything gathered together in one book, and my planning process has been easy, because of THAALI ...... I am not sure, I would have been able to be this organized or prepared without THAALI. There is so many organizing tools but having a book, where I can look up for everything is just nice :) not to mention how professional you can be when you attend vendor meetings........ :) 

I would definitely recommend any future bride who is planning their own wedding, to get your hands on this book. It will help you very well along the way, and it will help you consider things you or your families would not have thought of ..... sitting down and filling out the pages just creates the best overview...... the book is in English, and is in a soft copy version. The quality is absolutely great !! Mine has travelled to India and been though everything there and is in my handbag wherever I go...... :) The packaging is a chapter for itself..... I do not want to reveal too much.....but receive it in your hands, and I promise you, you will smile :) ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL !! 

So a shoutout to Jani for releasing THAALI...... and a message to all future brides...... get a copy...... you will not regret :) 

To purchase THAALI, visit Janis Instagram page "thaaliplanner" ...... just go follow her anyway, she shares amazing wedding tips :) 


Instagram: @thaaliplanner

Website: // under construction



Until next chapter of our story, which will be the last chapter before the wedding will be about my 2 weeks weddingtrip to India :)

Until next time

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Hallo meine Lieben, da bin ich wieder.. ich hoffe, es geht euch gut. Schließlich ist bald WeihnachtenJ Da kann es einem nur gut gehen oder? Es sei denn, man heiratet in Kürze und sucht das perfekte Brautkleid! Da kann Frau schon mal leicht in Panik geraten :-D

DAS PERFEKTE BRAUTKLEID – gibt es das überhaupt? Diese Frage versuche ich euch im Folgenden zu beantworten
Das perfekte Brautkleid zu finden kann ziemlich anstrengend sein. Es gibt eine riiiiesige Auswahl und auch die eigenen Ansprüche sind nicht viel kleiner.. Als Braut möchte man am großen Tag traumhaft und umwerfend aussehen, also sollte das Kleid die kleinen Makel verstecken und die Vorzüge betonen. Ich zeig euch nun, welches Kleid zu welcher Frau passt..

Zunächst sollte man sich die Frage stellen – Welcher Typ Frau bin ich? 

  • Die Sanduhr – große Oberweite, schmale Taille, breite Hüften
  • Die H-Form – Brust, Taille und Hüften bilden gerade Linie
  • Die V-Form – Breite Schultern, schmale Taille
  • Die Birne – schmaler Oberkörper, ausgeprägte Hüften
  • Der Apfel – große Oberweite, breitere Hüften, Taille etwas schmaler

Verwirrend genug oder? Aber das ist noch nicht alles..Auch die Kleider werden unterschieden in

  • A-Linie
  • Duchesse
  • I-Linie
  • Empire
  • Trompete
  • Fishtail/Mermaid
  • Mini
  • Etui

Welches Kleid passt nun zu welcher Frau?
Die A-Linie ist die beliebteste und Figur freundlichste Form. Diese Form kann von jedem Figurtyp getragen werden. Dieses Kleid liegt eng am Oberkörper an und lässt Problemzonen, wie Bauch, Beine, Po optisch verschwinden. Auch für schwangere Frauen ist es ein sehr schmeichelndes Kleid.

Die Duchesse..Das Sissi-Kleid! Die klassische Brautkleidform für die Märchenhochzeit. Eine Corsage betont den Oberkörper und der Rock ist weeeiiit ausgestellt und meist durch einen Reifrock gestützt.. Auch diese Form passt zu allen Figurformen. Dieses Kleid ist extravagant, pompös und auffallend. Die Braut, die den großen Auftritt liebt, wird auch dieses Kleid lieben!!

Die I-Linie passt am ehesten zu schlanken Frauen mit einer H- oder V- und Sanduhr-Form. Der Schnitt ist gerade und schmal und meist haben diese Kleider einen kleinen Schlitz im Rock für mehr Bewegungsfreiheit.

Das Empire-Kleid betont keine Rundungen sondern umspielt sie eher. Dieser Schnitt setzt die Taille direkt unter der Brust an und die Taille wird dann meist mit einem Gürtel oder einer Schleife verschönert; Dekolleté und Schultern werden betont. Empire-Kleider sind elegante Kleider, die leicht verspielt und märchenhaft sind. Auch dieses Kleid passt zu jeder Frau, am besten aber zu kleinen Frauen mit H-Form, aber auch schwangere Frauen können dieses Kleid durch die hohe Taille sehr gut tragen!

Die Trompete – diese Form ähnelt dem Mermaid-Schnitt. Es ist eng geschnitten und wird erst ab Mitte des Oberschenkels weiter ausgestellt. Diese Form lässt also nicht viel Bewegungsfreiheit zu. Diese Form eignet sich sich am besten für große Frauen und für Frauen mit leichten Rundungen. Die Sanduhr- und die Birnenform passen sehr gut in dieses Kleid!

Das Fishtail- oder Mermaid-Kleid – Diese Form betont die weiblichen Rundungen extrem! Dieser Schnitt liegt sehr eng an und erst ab den Knien wird der Rock etwas weiter. In diesem Kleid hat man also so gut wie gar keine Bewegungsfreiheit mehr :-D Schlanke Frauen und auch groß gewachsene Frauen mit nicht zu üppigen Kurven können dieses Kleid am ehesten tragen ohne auszusehen wie eine Presswurst.. Die Sanduhr- und Birnenform sind optimal für dieses Kleid.

Das Mini-Kleid – sagt schon alles oder? Alle Kleider bisher waren bodenlange Kleider mit evtl. kilometerlangen Schleppen. Dieses Kleid ist jedoch ein kurzes.
Wer dieses Kleid trägt, ist mutig und setzt sich gern in Szene! Wer schöne, lange Beine hat, sollte sie nicht verstecken! Oder was denkt ihr? Dieses Kleid ist meist knielang, wirkt mädchenhaft und jugendlich. Empfehlenswert ist dieser Schnitt also für jugendlich-verspielte Frauen und für große, schlanke Frauen mit sexy Beinen! Perfekte Figuren sind die Sanduhr, H- und V-Form.

Und zu guter Letzt das Etui-Kleid – dieses Kleid verzichtet größtenteils auf blingbling und glitzerglitzer. Es ist ein schlichtes, modernes Kleid. Die Silhouette ist figurbetont und somit gut geeignet für schlanke Frauen ohne größere Problemzonen. Auch dieses Kleid ist kurz und hebt schöne Beine hervor. Für kleine Frauen ist diese Form sehr vorteilhaft, da dieses Kleid den Körper streckt und größer macht; passende Figurtypen sind die Sanduhr- und die Birnenform.

Na, seid ihr jetzt etwas weniger verwirrt? Ich hoffe, ich konnte euch helfen :-D Mit der Kleiderwahl seid ihr natürlich nicht allein. Die Brautmodengeschäfte und ihre Inhaber/Mitarbeiter wissen genau, wie sie euch helfen können! Sie werden euch kein Kleid aufschwatzen, denn es ist DAS BRAUTKLEID! Und der schönste Tag im Leben soll auch im schönsten Kleid gefeiert werden, nicht wahr?!

Bis zum nächsten Mal


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Hello everyone 

Long time no see :) 

With the amazing weather changes we have had the last few weeks, it's safe to plan an outdoor party or event during the summer. The chances for bad weather in Germany is not that big. Research shows that Germany has more sunshine hours this year than last year...... So guys, are you planning an event, a party or just a get together, make it different and do it outdoor. 

This blogpost is actually inspired from snapchat or Instagram, I don't remember, but I have seen the cutest and most adorable ideas for outdoor parties ..... I am gonna share a few tips and tricks, how to arrange your next outdoor event.


Date, time and duration 

My first tip is to carefully choose a date. It is important that the weather is good, and people feel comfortable spending time outside the entire time, so the weather has to be on point. Nothing is more screwed than a outside party and the rain pours down. If you know it's going to be a outdoor party, do not push it to the end of September. In Germany I would recommend to set the date between June and September. In May we still tend to have unpredictable weather, and the same goes for end September. 

When it comes to the time of the day, I would recommend to do it early afternoon.... The weather will most probably be the best at noon and onwards. Noon can seem a bit too early, so 14-15 is a good startimg time. If there are kids invited, this time is very good, after the lunch at home, and after their midday nap..... 

The duration of the party can vary depending on the mood, the guests and the weather. Families with kids will most probably leave earlier, but the good thing about having a outdoor party is that, it's not always that formal, but a more relaxed atmosphere. This allows the party to end, when people no longer is having fun.


Guests, location and theme 

My recommendation is that, if the party is for young people, it's best to invite a lot of people. For the young audience, the party will only be a success, if there is a lot of people in a small area. If it is for kids, make sure to have a lot of space and a lot of different areas/stations for the kids to be entertained. I will get more into details with that part later on. Are we talking about adults, there is no such "rule" whether to invite many or few guests. Personally I like an outdoor get together with a few people, but are we talking about a celebration I would prefer a fair amount of people, as long as everything is really nicely done, when it comes to the details. 

The location can either be in the backyard, or a public place, which can be closed to only the invited guest. There is nothing annoying as much as people who is not invited, who is peeking into your private party. So in case the party has to be outdoor public, make sure that it is allowed to have a private celebration, and discuss the possibilities in order to make it as private as possible. Several restaurants and other caters, have places that can be rented out for such occasions. The private backyard can even be very cosy, when arranging it the proper way with lights and decorations. A beach is also a nice idea, and the theme can be something with the water. The ideas for locations are endless, and inspirations can be found everywhere online. 

For an outdoor party I think it's important to have a theme for the party. A outdoor party can quickly seem unorganized and a bit of a mixture of everything. Here I think a theme that can go through the entire party, from decorations, to table settings, to the food to the entertainment. By having a theme, the party seems more organized and it looks quite professional. A theme is important whether it's a birthday party, a engagement party or even just a get together. It should also be visual in the different activities which is planned for the event. 

I have found some good ideas and tips for a outdoor party, that might be helpful if you are going to plan one. 

  • we all know that, when throwing a outdoor party, one of the most annoying things are the bugs. In order to keep them away, you can easily make a beautiful candle setting, which can be a decoration, give a cosines to the party and keep the bugs away. Be sure to to add the citronella oil and the night will be much more pleasant. 
  • the weather will most probably be very nice, and therefore, the little small extra could be a small basket with sunscreen, bugspray and other things which people would not nessecerly bring from home. This is a little extra that really makes the guest feel it's a great party. 
  • are we talking about a kids party, and the weather is forecasted to be very hot, create a waterballoon piñata so the kids can go, from time to time and cool off. Another great idea is to have a portable swimming pools filled with water, either to cool down their feet, or to take a quick dip. 
  • the outdoor party will always be a relaxed chilled party. In fact that is the best part of an outdoor party. The food and beverages can be served buffet style. Create a open bar and a buffet so the guest can serve themselves whenever they feel like eating or drinking something. A burger station, a candy bar etc. 
  • in the evening, where the sun is going down and starts to get dark, one of the best part of a outdoor party is a bonfire. Gathering around the bonfire gives the best feeling. It would be the perfect end of a great party. In case there is a bonfire, make sure to create a s'mores station, with graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. A bonfire with s'mores is the absolute best thing.
  • is there a tree at the location, create a wodden frame and hang it in the tree..... This is a cool idea for a alternative photo booth for the guest. Make sure there is proper light so the guest can create great memories. 

There is so many great ideas online for theme, decorations, different DYI ideas. It is actually easy to create a very unique and outstanding garden party. I am not sure how many of you are familiar with Pinterest. But by downloading this app, you are able to find inspiration and pictures for anything you are looking for. I myself use it a lot for cakes and other recipes. Anyway, a great app I use for inspiration, specially party ideas. Below I have found some pictures on google and Pinterest as inspiration



Anyway, I am totally hooked after all the Pinterest and research about garden parties. Who knows, I might be hosting a party before the season ends :) 

Guys if you do have a outdoor or garden party, please tag us on the pictures, and we will share your pictures on our Facebook and Instagram. Tag us and use the Hashtag #KondattamDE 

Until next time

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Hallo meine Lieben, 

erstmal möchte ich mich bei euch entschuldigen, dass der Blog letzte Woche ausgefallen ist. Leider ist mir etwas total ungeschicktes und äußerst tollpatschiges mit meinem Laptop passiert, der dann hinüber war inklusive meinem fertigen Blog. Der versprochenen Blog mit dem Thema Vintage Hochzeit wird in 2 Wochen folgen. 

Ich hoffe ihr hattet alle eine angenehme Woche und freut euch so wie ich endlich auf das Wochenende! Ich habe das Gefühl, dass der Frühling auch nun endlich hier bei uns angekommen ist :) Hoffentlich bleibt es eine Weile so!

Das Thema für diese Woche ist die Hochzeitscheckliste. Eine Hochzeit besteht aus sehr viel Planung, wie wir ja bereits wisst und ich habe euch eine Liste zusammengestellt mit den wichtigsten Sachen zur allgemeinen Hochzeit. Es ist eine große emotionale Herausforderung eine Hochzeit zu organisieren, so viele Dinge wollen beachtet werden. Diese kleine Checkliste soll euch ein klein wenig den Stress bei den Vorbereitungen und am Tag eurer Hochzeit nehmen.


12 - 10 Monate davor:

  • Gebt eure Verlobung bekannt (falls ihr es noch nicht getan habt)
  • Setzt euch ein Hochzeitsbudget
  • Sucht euch ein tolles Datum aus, macht euch Gedanken wie eure Trauung und die Feier aussehen soll
  • Wollt ihr kirchlich oder standesamtlich heiraten? 
  • Wen wollt ihr alles bei eurer Hochzeit dabei haben? Erstellt eine Gästeliste
  • Überlegt, wer euch bei der Organisation helfen soll. Denkt über einen Hochzeitsplaner nach
  • Wenn möglich, bucht eure Location


9-6 Monate davor:

  • Verschickt eure `Save the date` Karten
  • Bucht einen Fotografen. Schiebt es nicht hinaus, viele sind schon lange vorher ausgebucht. 
  • Wählt Floristin, Friseurin, Visagistin, Caterer, die Flitterwochen, Hochzeitsringe, Brautkleid, eine leckere Hochzeitstorte und den Anzug des Bräutigams.
  • Sucht euch die Musik für die Trauung und die Feier aus. Geht ein paar Male die Playliste durch. 
  • Bucht das Entertainment
  • Vollendet die Gästeliste
  • Bucht Unterkünfte


5-3 Monate davor:

  • Wählt Einladungstexte, sowie Karten. Verschickt sie und lasst euch die Bestätigungen zukommen
  • Sucht Gastgeschenke heraus und kauft sie 
  • Kümmert euch um die Dekoration für die Trauung und Feier
  • Habt ihr schon einen Brautstrauß?
  • Reserviert das Hochzeitsauto
  • Wollt ihr eine Rede halten? Bereitet sie vor


2-1 Monate davor:

  • Überprüft die Bestätigungen von Fotograf, Friseur, Florist, Visagistin, Flitterwochen und Caterer
  • Geht zur Anprobe eurer Hochzeitsgarderobe 
  • Versichert euch, dass ihr alles bis hierhin bezahlt habt.
  • Sind wirklich alle Einladungen raus?


2 Wochen davor:

  • Vollendet die Liste der Sitzplätze
  • Packt die Sachen für die Flitterwochen
  • Geht für einen Tag in eine Therme oder Spa, ihr habt euch das verdient
  • Helft die Location zu dekorieren und vergewissert euch, ob alles organisiert ist.


Euer Hochzeitstag:

  • Frühstück!!!! Ihr braucht jede Menge Energie für euren großen Tag!!
  • Bleibt ruhig und genießt jede Minute, dieser Tag kommt (hoffentlich) nie wieder!! 


So ihr Lieben, ich hoffe dass der heutige Blog euch ein paar hilfreiche Ideen bringen konnte. 

Ich wünsche euch allen ein erholtes und hoffentlich frühlingshaftes Wochenende! Bis bald,

xoxo Arlene 

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Guten Morgen meine Lieben,  

der heutige Post ist für die Lovebirds unter euch gedacht :) 

Leider steht uns die kalte Jahreszeit zuvor und es gibt nichts besseres als sich schön einzumummeln, vor dem Kamin zu sitzen, heiße Schokolade... und die bevorstehe Hochzeit zu planen!!! 

Der Coundtown läuft bereits und euch fehlen noch Anregungen und Ideen ? {adselite}

Welche Deko? 

Welchen Caterer ?

Welchen Floristen? 

Theme wedding ja oder nein? 

Wenn ja, welches ist das passende Thema? 

Welches Brautkleid? 

Welcher Anzug? 

Welche Ringe? 


Na jetzt seit ihr bestimmt etwas ins schwitzen gekommen gell?!?! Braucht ihr aber zum Glück nicht! Auch wenn wir Frauen unsere Hochzeit von A bis Z schon geplant haben, lange bevor wir unseren Mr. Right gefunden haben, brauchen wir natürlich noch Inspirationen. 

Besucht einfach mal eine Hochzeitsmesse! Ich kann es nur sehr empfehlen, ich liebe Hochzeiten!

Hier findet Ihr die bevorstehenden Hochzeitsmessen: 

Messe Herzschlag & Co
Herzschlag & Co
Mainz, Deutschland
die andere Hochzeitsmesse
Messe Glarner Messe
Glarner Messe
Näfels, Schweiz
Informations- und Leistungsschau
Messe Hochzeitsmesse Bochum
Hochzeitsmesse Bochum
Bochum, Deutschland
Alles rund um die Hochzeit
Messe Hochzeitsmesse Bückeburg
Hochzeitsmesse Bückeburg
Bückeburg, Deutschland
Messe rund um die Hochzeit
Messe Hochzeitswelt Salzburg
Hochzeitswelt Salzburg
Salzburg, Österreich
Messe Trau Mannheim
Trau Mannheim
Mannheim, Deutschland
Die Hochzeitsmesse
Messe Hanauer Hochzeitsmesse
Hanauer Hochzeitsmesse
Hanau, Deutschland
Heiraten an Main & Kinzig
Messe Hochzeitsmesse & Festlichkeiten Bielefeld
Hochzeitsmesse & Festlichkeiten Bielefeld
Bielefeld, Deutschland
Messe rund um Hochzeit und Festlichkeiten
Messe Hochzeitsträume
Wartenberg, Deutschland
Messe rund um das Thema Heiraten
Messe Just Married Amberg
Just Married Amberg
Amberg, Deutschland
Hochzeitsmesse mit Tipps und Trends rund um den schönsten Tag im Leben
Messe Verliebt! Verlobt! Wir heiraten! Bonn
Verliebt! Verlobt! Wir heiraten! Bonn
Bonn, Deutschland
Die exklusive Hochzeitsmesse
Messe Fest- und Hochzeitsmesse St. Gallen
Fest- und Hochzeitsmesse St. Gallen
St. Gallen, Schweiz
Internationale Messe für Hochzeit, Fest und Eventmarketing
Messe Glückstage
Hagen, Deutschland
Hochzeitsmesse auf Schloss Hohenlimburg
Messe Gut geheiratet
Gut geheiratet
Unna, Deutschland
Die Hochzeitsmesse Unna
Messe Hochzeiten & Events Messe Langen
Hochzeiten & Events Messe Langen
Langen, Deutschland
Das Beste für Veranstaltungen und Feiern
Messe Hochzeits und Event Messe Füssen
Hochzeits und Event Messe Füssen
Füssen, Deutschland
Messe rund ums Heiraten
Messe HochzeitsWelt Berlin
HochzeitsWelt Berlin
Berlin, Deutschland
Die Hochzeitsmesse
Messe Hochzeitswelt Niederösterreich
Hochzeitswelt Niederösterreich
Stift Göttweig, Österreich
Messe Ja, ich will Offenburg
Ja, ich will Offenburg
Offenburg, Deutschland
DIE Hochzeitsmesse
Messe Minden traut sich
Minden traut sich
Minden, Deutschland
regionale Hochzeitsmesse
Messe TrauDich! Hamburg
TrauDich! Hamburg
Hamburg, Deutschland
Die Trendmesse rund ums Heiraten und Feiern
Messe TrauDich! Köln
TrauDich! Köln
Köln, Deutschland
Die Trendmesse rund ums Heiraten und Feiern
Messe TRAUT EUCH! Heiraten Hof
TRAUT EUCH! Heiraten Hof
Hof, Deutschland
Messe Verliebt Verlobt Verheiratet
Verliebt Verlobt Verheiratet
Graz, Österreich
Hochzeits- & Familienmesse
Messe Verliebt, Verlobt, Verheiratet!
Verliebt, Verlobt, Verheiratet!
Insel Mainau, Deutschland
Hochzeitsmesse im stilvollen Ambiente auf der Blumeninsel Mainau


Weitere Termine und Informationen findet ihr auf

Ich hoffe es ist auch etwas in eurer Nähe dabei. 

Ein gruseliges Halloweenwochenende wünsche ich euch! 


Falls Ihr Themen und Anregungen für unsere weiteren Posts habt, könnt ihr gerne eine Email an senden. 


Bis bald,

xoxo Arlene 

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Hallo ihr Lieben!

Ich hoffe ihr hatte alle eine angenehme Woche!

Ich freue mich sehr darüber, meinen ersten Blog zu schreiben und wünsche euch viel Spaß beim lesen!

Diese Woche geht es um etwas, was wir Ladies sehr an unserer Kultur lieben!

Ich bin mir sehr sicher, jede von euch himmelt sie an. Wir finden immer wieder einen wichtigen Grund, um uns neue zu kaufen...und einige von uns könnten sich nie ein Leben ohne vorstellen. Ja. manch eine unter uns ist besessen von ihnen (inklusive mir lol ) Wir können einfach nicht ohne sie!

Natürlich ist die Rede hier von SAREES!

Wir Saree Lovers nutzen jede Gelegenheit aus, um uns in einem Traum von Seide, Chiffon, Cotton oder Pattu zu umhüllen und uns wie die tamilische Cinderella zu fühlen! Geburtstagspartys, Puperty Ceremonies, Hochzeiten oder zu anderen tamilischen Anlässen. Ja, wir alle fühlen uns wie die Version der Tamil Cinderella... jedes mal!! Abgesehen davon, dass wir unsere Schuhe nicht verlieren!

Heutzutage ist es nicht so leicht, sich für einen der zahlreichen Onlineshops zu entscheiden und daher verbringen wir einige Stunden bis wir uns entscheiden. Oder doch lieber die oldschool Variante und zu einem Saree shop gehen?

ABER was wenn es dein Wedding Saree ist? Dein größter Sareeauftritt überhaupt!

Ich habe euch einige Ideen zusammen gestellt, die euch helfen könnten euer perfektes Saree für euren perfekten Tag zu finden.

  1. Budget: Setzt euch ein Budget, es ist wesentlich einfacher in einer bestimmten Preiskategorie zu schauen.
  2. Material: Silk, Cotton, Pattu, oder Chiffon sucht euch das aus, welches eurem Körper eine gute Figur macht und am bequemsten zu tragen ist.
  3. Braut magazine: Es gibt zahlreiche online Magazine für die zukünftige Braut. Lasst euch inspiriren durch Kushi, Shaadi style, Asiana weddings, Bridal mantra oder der South asian Bride. Die aufgelisteten Magazine findet ihr auch alle online.{adselite}
  4. Easy handling: Denkt daran, ihr werdet Stunden darin verbringen. Sucht euch ein Saree, das angenehm zu tragen ist. Und ihr am ende der Hochzeit nicht aussieht, als hättet ihr 5 Stunden lang 50 Kg mit euch geschleppt.
  5. Flattering patterns: Achtet auf Border und Muster, um das passende Saree für euch zu finden. Ein breites Border und ein größeres Muster sind vor allem für große Frauen gut geignet. Dünne Border und ein schmales bis mittleres Muster für kleine, zierliche Frauen.
  6. Farbe: Natürlich muss die Farbe zur Deko passen, aber viel wichtiger ist das die Farbe zu euch passt. Holt euch Rat von Müttern, Tanten, Schwestern und Freundinnen.
  7. Its never too early: Es ist nie zu früh, um mit der Plannung anzufangen. So 2-3 Monate vorher solltet ihr euch am besten schon damit beschäftigen. Dann habt ihr auch genügend Zeit, um einiges auszuprobieren.

So meine Lieben, ich hoffe das ich euch ein wenig helfen konnte. Happy weekend everyone!

Bis zum nächsten mal

xoxo Arlene

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Hallo ihr Lieben!

Wie im letzten Blog bereits erwähnt, gibt es jetzt die Blog Beiträge auch auf Deutsch. Wir hoffen, dass wir es einigen von euch vereinfachen:) Diese Woche geht es um unsere kleinen Freunde. Es ist uns allen bekannt, das bei allen tamilischen Feiern immer die gesamte Familie eingeladen ist. Ganz egal, ob es sich dabei um eine Hochzeit, tamilische Party oder Geburtstag handelt. Das beinhaltet eine Vielzahl von Kindern. Kinder verschiedener Altersgruppen. Heutzutage sieht man viele Eltern, die ihre Kinder mit einem iPad oder ihrem Smartphone überlassen, damit sie sich selbst beschäftigen. Hier habt ihr ein paar Vorschläge, wie ihr die kleinen Gäste während einer langen, tamilischen Feier unterhalten könnt.

1.) Wir alle kennen das Spiel Music Chair, oder bei uns besser bekannt als die Reise nach Jerusalem. Man benötigt eine bestimmte Anzahl von Stühlen, stellt sie auf und lässt die Kinder drumherum tanzen oder einfach laufen. Wenn die Musik aufhört zu spielen, müssen sie versuchen einen Platz zu bekommen und sich hinsetzten. Derjenige, der keinen Stuhl mehr erwischt, scheidet aus dem Spiel aus. Die Anzahl der Stühle wird nach und nach verringert und wer am Ende übrig bleibt, hat gewonnen.

2.) erstellt eine separate Spielecke. Sucht euch eine Ecke aus in eurem Festsaal, belegt den Boden mit weichen Spielfeldern und richtet euch eine geeignete Spielecke ein. Bringt entweder Spielzeuge oder andere Gegenstände mit, die euch dabei helfen die Kids zu unterhalten. Die Kids werden es nicht nur lieben, sondern auch die Möglichkeit haben miteinander zu spielen und sich anzufreunden.

3.) Bucht jemanden zur Unterhaltung. Ein Magier könnte die Kinder mit einer Show verzaubern, das ist immer eine ganz tolle Sache für die Kinder. Eine andere Möglichkeit wäre einen Clown zu engagieren. Die Clowns sind witzig und eine tolle Unterhaltungsmöglichkeit für die Kinder. Kinderschminken kommt auch immer sehr erfolgreich an bei unseren kleinen Gästen.

4.) mietet euch eine Hüpfburg. Da können die Kinder herumlaufen und sich richtig austoben. Normalerweise sind sie sehr günstig, einfach aufzustellen und immer ein Mega Hit bei den Kids.

5.) Verschiedene, besondere Leckereien : wie zum Beispiel Popcorn Maker, slush Eis Maschine, Soft Eis Maschine oder Zuckerwatten Maschine. Die gelisteten Sachen sind auch einfach in der Anschaffung, sehr einfach zur Handhabung und kommen super bei den Kleinen an.{adselite}

6.) nach dem der Kuchen geschnitten wurde, werden oftmals die Leckereien an die Kinder ausgehändigt. Stattdessen könnte man unseren Kleinen Freunden schon eine Tüte bei der Ankunft geben. Diese Tüte könnte Süßigkeiten mit einem Malbuch inklusive Buntstiften, oder kleinen Brettspielen gefüllt sein. Vielleicht einen weißen Hut, den sie dann anmalen können. Alles in einem, einfach eine Tüte die sie mit nach Hause nehmen können und auch später noch was daran haben.

7.) stellt einen Tisch mit Verschiedenen Behältern auf. Füllt die Behälter zum Beispiel mit Lollipops, Marshmallows oder andere Süßigkeiten. Nun sind die Kinder gefragt. Wie viele in den Behälter sind! Das Kind, was richtig oder nah dran liegt hat gewonnen und darf auch selbstverständlich seinen stolzen Gewinn mit nach Hause nehmen.

8.) Gruppen Aktivitäten. Engagiert euch jemanden der mit den Kids draußen was unternehmen kann. Wenn das Wetter mitspielt, können sie sich auf der Wiese austoben und kleine Aktivitäten unternehmen. Das sind jetzt einfach nur einige Ideen, die mir eingefallen sind. Ihr könnt aber auch einfach danach googlen und zahlreiche Ideen finden. Es ist wichtig, den Kindern einige Möglichkeiten zu bieten. Erstellt eine Kinder Station, übergibt jemand kinderliebem die Führung und ermöglicht unseren kleinen Freunden eine Party zu haben die sie nie vergessen werden.

Bis nächste Woche
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