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Hi everyone Happy Friday.

First of all THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH for the response to my last blogpost. It hit 2000 reads within the first few hours. Thank you so much guys, without you readers, I wouldn't be able to be motivated to write the blogpost every week. I am not blogger, but after 2 months and the great response I get from you guys, it motivates me to continue. I know a lot of you prefer to read the blogpost in German, and tadaaa, good news guys, from next week the blog post will be in German...... Don't worry, it won't be me writing in German (I am from Denmark and German is my 4th language, and I only studied it for 3 years) There is this really sweet girl who is going to translate the blog into German, so this will hopefully be my last English post. I hope to reach some more readers with the German translation. 

Anyway, last week post was about Sharu and Kajana, and how Sharu proposed to Kajana in the cinema theater. If you guys haven't read the post yet, please go and have a read, it's absolutely fabulous (at least the video). I think with the development, that our society is facing and going through, is amazing. We are not fully westernized but we start to lean over to that side. We still keep our traditions within our 4 walls at home, and I would say that's a really good balance for us Tamil living outside our home country. I am not sure whether the development will continue like this, or if we will be even more westernized........ When I grew up in my teenage years, I actually had a hard time blending in among the "white" people, because I come from a very traditional family. When that is said, I had all the freedom I asked for, but the question of whether I was a Tamil or a white, was popping up in my mind too much. I can see from my younger cousins and niece and nephew that their childhood and teenage years are COMPLETLY different. I kind of like the balance we live in now, but let's see how it's going to continue........ Anyway....... This is totally off topic, because I actually wanted to continue with the same theme as last week...... The reason why I started talking about culture and mixing and bla bla is that I am not used to see my friends or family propose. I am soon 31, and that was not a part of the tradition when my friends got married. Nowadays I see more and more Tamil people propose to their partner........ So guys, for those of you who has a girlfriend/boyfriend (who said its only boys who propose?!?!???!!?) and is planning to do a nice proposal, here are my 10 favorite ideas:

1. Give your partner a good massage, but wait with the left hand to the very end. When you start massage the left hand, simply place a ring on the finger, and thereafter ask you partner to marry you.

2. Write "will you marry me?" With glow in the dark stars on the ceiling of your room. When the light turns off, wait for your partner to read the message. 

3. Hire a photographer to do "couple shoot", during the shoot, sit down on one knee and ask the question. You will both be dressed up nice and have some amazing pictures from the proposal. 

4. Go to a place or monument that means something to you, and ask a random guy to take a picture, when the person is going to take the picture, go down on 1 knee and ask the question. Then you have the moment on a picture as well. 

5. Plan a board game night with some friends or families. The game has to involve asking questions, and just casually in the middle of the game, when its your turn to ask your partner a question, pop the question: Will you marry me? {adselite}

6. Buy a box of chocolate and replace one of the chocolate with the ring

7. When you go on holiday, and you will be flying. Tell you partner you need to use the restroom. Then go and talk to the flight attendant and take over the speaker and propose up in the air. 

8. Fill a room with decorations, lots of balloons and photo memories all over the wall, and invite your partner into the room, because there is something he/she needs to see. And then go down on 1 knee.

9. Take your partner to a very special place. It could be first kiss, first date, some place very special. And simply ask your partner to marry you, classy, simple yet amazing. 

My absolute favorite idea is the treasure hunt. It's fun, unique and very private. Find some places that are special to you, and make sure to hide a treasure in each step. Have the first treasure and hint at home (when you are not there of cause) and make your partner go to the different places that you have chosen. It could be amazing if you could have someone secretly photographing every spot. At the final spot, let the ring be the treasure. This idea actually came to my mind from my favorite movie 180, where Priya Anand has birthday, but Siddarth pretend to have forgotten. In stead he send Priya on a treasure hunt. Overall there are soooooooo many good ideas to propose. Google it and there will be hundreds of hundreds of ideas. Find the one that you think your partner will like and go ahead. GOOD LUCK with your proposal.

Until next week

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