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Hi guys, Happy Friday. I don’t attend that many Tamil functions anymore. This is duo to my job, and duo to my frequency of travelling, which means that when I am finally home for a weekend, I would rather want to be in my bed for 2 days and watch Netflix. When I do attend weddings, I have seen it’s been quite common to have a guestbook. Either the guestbook will be at a fixed place and friends and family tells everyone “Don’t forget to write in the guestbook” or the guestbook will travel around the different tables.

I personally will only write in people’s guestbook if they mean something to me, if I have any memories with them, or if they are very special. I do not write in everyone’s guestbook. You as well as I, know that at Tamil weddings, often there is more than 500 people, and some might even not have a personal relationship to the couple, but you show up of respect, which is completely fine. But there is a difference from showing up at a wedding, to write a personal heart touching message in a book that they will keep for the rest of their lives.

Anyway, I have seen some pretty nice and interesting ideas of alternative guestbook (this is just going to be a list, so bear with me).

Traditional guestbook spiced up – At my cousins wedding in Canada I saw this guestbook and I loved it. It was simply a “photo album” which means only half of each page would be filled up with pictures of the couple, and the rest would remain white and the guest could write their message on the blank pages.{adselite}

Vintage atlas or old dictionary – Pick up a old atlas and make the guest write something interesting or funny with a map from the world. It can be either recommendations to visit, memories from around the world, or just a page with a map on. A dictionairy, make the guest find a good word and look it up in the dictionary and just write away.

Write it on a globe – Pick up 2 globes, paint them black, and have your guest write on the globe. A nice decoration that you can have placed in your living room, or bed room as a memory of your special day.

Scrapbook – leave a Polaroid camera, some colorful pens, tape, glue, other decoration paper and an empty scrapbook. Have your guest take a funny picture or a selfie and let them be creative. You will end up with a very creative and funny result when you return after your honeymoon.

Holiday decoration – Is your wedding close to Christmas and do you want to have some memories that you take up every year? Then do this: Buy a lot of Christmas decoration and have your guest write messages on your decoration. It’s a cute idea and you will be reminded every holiday season of your wedding day.

There are so many amazing, different and creative ideas on Instagram and Pinterest. So go have a look and be inspired. A guestbook is not only an idea for weddings, but can also be used for samathiyaveedu, birthdays or even housewarmings.

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