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Hey guys :)

Its Friday again, which means blog time….. Sooooo today I wanna touch on a topic which is only relevant for girls…. Sorry guys…. :-/ It’s all about the saree…. We girls love to wear sarees, paddu saree, silk saree, designer saree or just a gorgeous georgette saree…. One of the best things about our culture for me is definitely our clothing….. I love Indian/Tamil clothing, I often design my own saree, lenghas, outfit etc. I owe more than 300 sarees I guess, and around 100 churidars….. (thank you Daddy, for travelling to India every year) Not that I wear them all, I just like shopping them, and hang them in the closet or in the suitcase and open the suitcases once in a while. All my sarees are stored at my parents’ house, and sometimes when I go home, and I feel bored, I start open one case after another ….. YAI…. The worst part is that I will happily donate my churidars and punjabis to my younger cousins and stuff, but when it comes to sarees, I never ever give any to anyone….. maybe because they each have a story, or maybe just because I am one big collector….. I collect everything…. And I never throw out or donate my stuff …… Hm……

Sarees can be worn in so many different ways. The traditional is always a winner. ALWAYS!! But sometimes experimenting with sarees is actually fun. When googling different saree wearing styles, so many different styles shows up. You have the traditional way, with pleated border or hanging border, the Singhalese style, Punjab style, Brahmin style etc. But, nowadays you can also find western-mixed-infused-style….. and that’s where the pant style comes in…… I am gonna share you a little bit about how to wear your saree as pantstyle. 

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The other day I went to a birthday party, and was just planning to wear a georgette saree. The thing is that in the last 3-4 years I have only bought paddu saree, or silk sarees. I haven’t shopped any designer saree or simple birthday-kind-of-saree….. So I found one of my old once, gold and black….. I have worn it 2-3 times before so I was actually not really happy about it…..but on the other hand I do not have that many simple georgette sarees, so yea….. couple of days before the event, I figured out that I wanted to do something different with this one, because I have already used it before, and at birthdays its kind of OK to play a little bit around your saree draping style, I gave it a go.

{adselite}So basically what you do is that you need a pair or nice, good looking leggings in a matching color to your saree. Thank God mine was gold and black, so I matched it with black leggings of course. You can use your own saree blouse or use a croptop. I have a black blonde halter neck croptop I bought in H&M, which I normally use when I don’t have a black saree blouse. So on with my leggings and on with the crop top and the heels (ALWAYS WEAR YOUR HIGH HEELS BEFORE YOU START DRAPING YOUR SAREE). Basically what you do is that you skip every part of the traditional saree draping until the pleat in the middle. You simply start to pleat a little bit more than half of your saree, and chuck it in, as you would do with your normal saree. Chuck it in and pin it. And then you take everything else, 1 time around your body and over your left shoulder. You can either hang it or pleat that part as well. Style it up with some nice accessories and maybe add a blazer over the whole thing and Voila, here you go :)

I found a quick easy video on YouTube of how to do it, from POPxo, go have a look :)

We will soon make a video with different saree draping styles – so stay tuned guys

Until next time


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