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Hello Leute :)
It has been almost 5 months since I have been blogging. I actually see this quite often..... bloggers who tend to have this break.... well I have no excuse at all for being 5 months late..... well, just to justify a little bit ..... i have been out traveling for 2 months.... 6 countries, so have been busy planning everything from flights, to hotels for every night because we have been on the run all the time.... then all different kind of tours and research about each of the places and yea...... it took some time during the summer, and we travelled in the fall, and then I came home and have been sick for a long time...... but guess what.... I am ready to get this going again.....

So last week we had our new blogger writing her first blogpost. Hope you all liked it..... she is an absolutely amazing writer, and I simply love the way she writes..... I hope you will like her as much as Ii do ... :) hopefully with 3 people on board it will be more interesting to read different type of blogs, written by 3 different personalities :)

This weeks blog is about the different kind of notifications a marrying couple can make....... actually I do not want to specify it only to a marrying couple, but as well for birthdays and puberty ceremonies and other functions that you might have. This is a list of informations your guest can receive in order to be more prepared for the event, as well as being updated after the event.

Nowadays I feel there is a lot of functions ..... I don't know if its because we are older or because we are more Tamil people around now, than we used to be when we were kids, but anyway, there are so many functions to attend. This also means that the weekends will be filled up..... are talking about May or August, even lots of weeks days are booked ..... I think that a "save the date" is important.... just as important as the invitation..... if I know beforehand that my friend is getting married in 6 months, and I need to attend that function, it will make my life so much more easy if I knew beforehand. So when is the right time to send an official Save The Date out...... in my oppninion: 2-3 months before the event. The closest relatives and friends, who you are depending on for preparation needs to know 6 months before the function, but the guest should know 2-3 months before the actual event. The Save The Date, can be in all type of different medias. Either a actual card to be sent by mail. A online card to be shared on the social media platforms, or sent as a text message or in an email. Even a short and cute video is a great idea to let your friends and family know about the function. There are a lot of different ways to say it. I personally don't think a Save The Date should be followed up by a personal phone call, but just so the information is out.

The actual invitation for the function can again be very creative. A card printed and given out to all guest. You can find card makers on There are other online websites, where you can use a template and fill out the nessacary information and get the card printed. You can design your invitation all alone, or with a graphic designer you might know. That can eitheR be printed or sent through the digital medias. What I do find important, is that it is important to call or visit each of the invitation receives and invite them personally for your event. A phone call is enough, but some kind of personal is important. In our culture we all actually do that, and I think it's a nice gesture to show your guests that they are important to you and that is why they are invited to your event.

I have previously written a blog about a wedding website. This is a website that can contain information and facts about the wedding, the venue, the dress code etc. basically all the information your guests needs to know before coming. This Website can als be used to share pictures and videoes after the wedding. It's not that difficult to create the website, and can actually be done online for free. Please read the blogpost about this specific topic.

When the guest attend the function, in out culture, it has become normal to receive a little something when they leave. Either a small gift, a bag of palaharam, or even a third thing. A appreciating to your guests and giving them a small something is a great idea. In there you can also include a thank you card. I know it's very common in the white community to send a thank you note to your guest after the wedding. I have not really seen it in our culture. Maybe the reason is we are 10 times more people attending to our functions. But a thank you note, handwritten from the hosts to all guest is a sweet thing and a sweet surprise a while after the actual event. It can be a pic from the function, even personalized so the guest are in the actual picture you send as a thank you ...... the idea is really sweet but a lot of work for big functions like ours.

Nowadays the pictures taken to the function are often shared by our guest or ourselves. Sharing your happy moment is a very good way to show your appreciation and let your guest knows that they have been a part of making the function a great function. The highlight video often comes a couple of months later, and sharing that also shows how much it meant to you that the guests actually showed up and made your day even more happy.

Anyways, there are more ideas of what to share and when .... it's all about being creative...... being a little different from everyone else ..... it's important to keep the traditions and ways of doing things in mind, but being creative and take it out a little, makes it more fun for you as hosts and for the guests.

I hope you liked this post...... I ma actually looking forward to write to you all until next time


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