Surprise your partner on Valentine's Day

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Hello everyone,

First of all I want to say sorry for not posting anything 2 weeks ago. Everything was actually ready to be posted, but we went on holiday the Thursday before and when we wanted to upload the post, we found out the Internet was horrible at the destination that we were at. We really tried, but ended up deciding not to post anything. This weeks post will be in English, duo to some reasons within our group, so hope you will all bear with that.

So this weeks topic is not that hard to figure out ..... We see it everywhere we go, both online, in the news papers and wow what a boom in the stores - Valentine's Day ❤️ So since I am up in the age, I have seen how little Valentine's Day was in my teenage years, and how little influence it had back then, and how the day has slowly entered everyone life nowadays..... It's bombastic. It's everywhere, and the couples nowadays expect their partner to celebrate the day with them...... I don't want to be a kliche and say "everyday is Valentine's Day in our relationship" because that's bullshit and crap.  All relationships have ups and downs. If my partner was around, yea, we might have gone out for dinner..... Maybe...... Or actually I prefer to sit at home, watch a movie and eat some good stuff !! Believe it or not....... 

It's very important to remember not to believe everything we see on social medias. Every couple post all their positive vibes and energy on social media. As I said all relationship have their ups and downs, but to find the balance is actually the true charm of each relationship. My partner and I, actually made a deal when we moved in together, that life would not be as perfect as it was the last 4 years that we dated. So in order for us not to get too bored, or not having a spontaneous relationship like we used to, we made some simple rules. 1. Eating out once a week. 2. Travel as much as we can (we both love traveling and have done it a lot the last 4 years) 3. Talk !! It's working !! I think it's important in each relationship to discuss and make some rules or agreements that both parts are ok with, otherwise I think the relationship can quickly be "usual". Of cause this is not the case for everyone. Even I thought my life would be just as perfect as it was from our dating period, but even I got surprised 3 weeks after we moved in together, but yea, I am happy and satisfied. Unfortunately my partner will be abroad on a business trip, so I guess I will just chill with myself on Tuesday, eating some greezy nasty fried food and ICECREAM !! :) 

I do not want to write pages after pages, about why we celebrate Valentine's Day, cus everyone can google that story. It's long and boring. The interesting thing is how can you celebrate this day. Most people give flowers, cards and chocolates. Other people buy big Valentine's Day gifts. Some people expose their love at the day. Others propose or get married. It is the day of love, and it is celebrated everywhere in the world and no matter what, you can always surprise your partner with a small tiny something :) 

We want to encourage our readers to surprise your partner with a homemade cake or other type of sweet or dessert. It's different, personal and not too taggy, not too big or small, but a sweet thought. I have added some examples of what you can do to surprise your partner. And boys, these recipices can be found online and are easy to make, so get started...... Go Go Go ....

All recipices for the above deserts and cakes can be found on the following website

Here is a chance for you and your partner to win a special Valentine's gift from us at Komdattam. So guys, go ahead and a create your special cake, or dessert, take a nice picture and share it on Instagram. Don't forget to hashtag #KondattamDE #OurValentineDessert. In 1 week we will find a winner and surprise the couple with a small gift ❤️ Make sure to follow on Instagram and keep your Instagram profile open, if you want to participate in the competition. 

 See you soon

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